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Tummy probs with mirena coil

2 replies

PinkPoncho · 26/11/2011 06:25

Hi has anyone had any gastro type problems with or after the mirena coil? I had mine removed a few weeks back and am suffering badly with bloating/cramps and diarrheoa. Doc is sending off some blood tests and things just wondered if anyone also had this. I also had a UTI which I had antibiotics for so it may be the result of that but it's just all going on! Had an ultrasound which showed no problems in the week. Many thanks!

OP posts:
Nevercan · 01/12/2011 08:46

I have only had mine in for two months but no tummy issues so far...

differentnameforthis · 01/12/2011 10:44

Bloating & cramps - yes! Mainly with, but did suffer after for a while.

Had mine out after just 2 mths as it caused an infection. Buggered me a lot, I think as I really suffer with cramping a lot now & pain at ovulation, which I never had before. Have been advised to never have one again!

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