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Depo Injection - Tell me your experiences please!

22 replies

RGPargy · 14/09/2011 13:43

A week ago i had the Depo contraceptive injection and am now beginning to worry that i made a wrong choice re contraception!

I have heard that it can cause weight gain (not sure if it's coincidental but i've been eating so much crap lately and seem to want to constantly eat!) and i've just read a few threads on here where it's caused depression. Hmm

I was on the copper coil but had it removed after about 3 years because DP and I could feel it during sex and also it gave me heavy periods, which really wiped me out for a day or two. Not good with a 3 year old and when trying to do exercise!

I've just lost 23lbs (with loads more to go!) and the last thing i want is to put it all back on again and/or have trouble losing more weight!

Please let me how you go on with the injection!

Thank you!

OP posts:
countydurhamlass · 14/09/2011 21:38

i had it for about a year and stopped last feb, my periods are still not regular but are much heavier and in more pain with them than before, however, whilst i was having it i didnt put too much weight on and had no side effects, only stopped using it because dh has now had "the snip"

gigglepin · 14/09/2011 21:43

I put 2 stone on in a year.
I suffered depression, having never suffered from depression in my whole life.
i have had 6 mcs and i kinda blame the depo for that.
I had high blood pressure, went back down to normal after i stopped it.
It took 3 years for me to get my periods back to normal after i stopped it.
My pal had seizures on it.

I think its banned in America.
Would never have it again & would not recommend it.

RGPargy · 14/09/2011 21:57

Blimey!! Two extreme cases there!! Thanks for sharing, girls!

Who else would like to share there Depo stories, both good and bad please!! Confused

OP posts:
PotteringAlong · 14/09/2011 22:01

I was on it for 4 years and loved it! A bit of weight gain but, if we're honest, nothing that couldn't be put down to eating a but too much and I think that was it - no depression or mood swings and was fabulous for me. I came off it at the start of the year because we wanted to start trying for a baby and I got pregnant 7 weeks after it ran out. For me it was the best contraception I've ever used

PotteringAlong · 14/09/2011 22:05

Sorry, meant to add, it's a proper marmite thing the depo injection - I googled when I first came off it and found lots of horror stories about it that, luckily, for me have never materialised. Like all hormonal things I think it impacts in lots of different ways for different people.

CODwidow · 14/09/2011 22:12

Awful awful thing, I suffered severe depression and totally went off sex whilst on it so stopped it 2 yrs ago and still not back to normal. My periods are very painful and irregular and I still haven't started ovulating properly. Sorry for the negative Blush

QueenStromba · 14/09/2011 22:19

Aren't all forms of contraception like marmite PotteringAlong? This section is full of threads like the OP for every type of contraception going and they all have some posters extolling their virtues and others calling them the devil's work.

RGPargy · 15/09/2011 12:51

Thanks for sharing, everyone. So far i dont seem to be suffering from depression with it (thank GOD!) but i know it's early days yet (1 week on). I'm hoping that my daily exercise will continue to boost my endorphins and kick out any depression that might be lurking. My sex drive hasn't been that high since the birth of DD nearly 4 years ago, so no change there haha!

I'm really hoping that this will be a trouble-free form of contraception for me as i dont fancy any other method and DP will just have to put a jacket on if this doesn't work! Wink :o

OP posts:
glitch · 15/09/2011 13:02

I hated it because I felt like I swelled up more & more each month due to not having a period. I'm sure it was just lots of water retention but it just didn't suit me.

inmysparetime · 15/09/2011 13:07

I liked it, was on it for 6 years, came off it when DH had the snip last year. I liked the no periods aspect, and the only needing to think about it every 12 weeks. No side effects (I put on a bit of weight, but that was most likely cake related- DH also put on weight).
If you are on it for too long it can cause osteoporosis though.

AbsDuWolef · 15/09/2011 13:11

It started off all hunky dory, no/very light periods and then about three months in I started bleeding. And bled constantly for about three months until I switched to the pill. It was awful. I may also have had weight gain, but not sure if it was Depo or overeating

Bonkerz · 15/09/2011 13:13

I have used the depo on and off for over 10 years now. Love it. took about 3 years to get back to normal after stopping to TTC but have just gone back on it after having ds2. I don't suffer any side effects except that I have a normal period after first jab then month 2 is really heavy and month three is nothing! Am due 2nd jab Monday and am loving the no period side effect!Grin

missmogwi · 15/09/2011 14:39

My sister was on this for about ten years, more to stop her incredibly heavy periods than contraception, which it did. However she was a nightmare with mood swings and totally irrational. She was often depressed and gained at least 3 stone. Although she does eat crap so can't blame it for all the weight. Grin
The difference when she came off it was astounding both mentally and physically (heavy periods part of another issue)She conceived very quickly after stopping it too.

TrillianAstra · 15/09/2011 14:56

I have gained about 1/2 a stone since starting the depo injection, but that's over about 2 years and it's most likely because I have been eating more, nothing to do with the injection.

I have had no side-effects that I could name, I no longer have periods at all and I don't have cyclical moods either.

I think it's great!

I have a feeling that if it works for you it just works.

Shoni · 15/09/2011 22:48

It completely was wrong for me and I would never recommend it!
I had problems with my bones they became very weak and crunchy everytime I moved almost like they were grinding which was very sore especially on joints!
I also blame it for the start of my depression also! Hope this helps Smile

emmalr123 · 15/11/2011 10:05

I've been on the depo for 11yrs! never had any problems or side effects, no periods which was amazing! lol, i did put some weight on which didnt bother me too much but now i find it almost impossible to loose weight no matter what diet im on or how much exercise i do it wont shift!
The past week i have been getting very strong servere pains in my lower abdoman normally between 1am and 5am in the morning which i find strange as during the day im fine and the pain isn't period like it feels like pressure building up to the point that i cry and have to put my head between my legs which lasts for about 20 mins then all of a sudden it goes!
Been trying to see the doctor for the past 4 days but cant get an appointment so just gotta keep trying 2 get 1 hopefully soon haven't slept well for over a week neither has my partner!
If anyone has had symptoms like this let me know how u resolved it?

sashh · 08/12/2011 06:43

I love it, there is nothing, no period and no PMT (male housemate very pleased)

naturalbaby · 12/12/2011 09:46

had anyone had night sweats on the depo? i'm due my next one in a few weeks and don't know whether to have it or not. night sweats every night are horrendous and i spent all of last night crying my eyes out so am wondering if it's linked to the depo too. i had been feeling a bit stressed and depressed before but don't think this is helping.
i am considering the coil but was hoping to avoid it if something else works.

Charley12345 · 04/06/2015 15:05

I realize this thread is old, but I have been doing a lot of research on the depo after I had my first injection on the 1st March 15 after I had a miscarriage. I have put on a whopping 2 stone in 3 months and a dress size! My diet has not changed and I upped my gym routine anyway (gym freak!!). My Injection ran out on the 1st of June and I started bleeding on the 28th May, so I bled before it ran out. However, I will not be getting another one nor advising anyone to have it! It is the devils work... I had the most DISGUSTING mood swings, happy, crying, angry, sad... there was just no settling it.

I am now worried that it will cause problems in the long run. I am not looking to have a baby now, but I would like one in a few years and I am so worried about my future.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to shift this weight either, I am a recovered anorexic and belemic and I understand the body holds onto the fat in order to survive after going through something like that, so I genuinely do have a good diet anyway in fear that I would balloon. I maintained a happy and healthy weight of 9 stone 7 for over a year until I went on this Depo!!

CCMV0916 · 09/02/2017 15:02

I've recently had my Depo shot last month, January. I've given birth to my baby girl on Sept last year and decided that it may be time to start on my shots again. I've previously taken a different kind of injection but since I'm breastfeeding, I can't continue taking them.

I haven't had my menstrual period prior to the shots since I was mostly breastfeeding. After two weeks of having the shots and after having sex, I started spotting the day after. Then days after it would just get heavier and heavier. I also noticed that my appetite has come back. After giving birth and just before taking the shot, I didn't feel like eating a lot. Maybe after a bite or two, i would start feeling full already. Now, I eat way more than I used to. Which isn't a good thing for me. I may not have had a big appetite but at least it was easier for me to control what I eat and how much I eat.

If I continuously bleed for the entire 3 months before my next shot, I think I would try the coil, ICUD or whatever you call it. I'm all up for prevention of pregnancy but what's the whole point of taking the shot if you can't even have sex?

My experience with the other injection was having my period spontaneously but still once a month and it would occur for at least seven days, no longer. A SLIGHT increase in appetite. I just hope Depo gives me a good experience like the previous one i had since I don't have much option considering I'm still breastfeeding.

I really really really hope this one works out for me!

FreeNiki · 19/02/2017 04:10

Depo was awful.

Constant bleeding for 3 months, then they stopped, weight gain, constant thrush like symptoms (irritation). Never again.

MalletsMallets · 19/02/2017 05:20

I had been on it for 18 - 24 months, stopped my periods (which was the issue). But I've had to stop it as it can strip your bones, my doctor wanted me to have a bone density scan, but I couldn't afford it. So I've had to stop having it
I'm 18 months down after stopping and my periods haven't returned yet (which is a good thing, but wouldn't be if you were ttc).

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