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condom failure - is it always obvious?

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kalidasa · 29/06/2011 10:57

I'm new on here and maybe this is a stupid question, but for those of you who use or have regularly used condoms in the past - do you think a failure is always obvious at the time? (Though I suppose by definition if it's not you probably don't know . . . ) I ask because (TMI alert) we used a condom on Monday night, definitely a very very fertile time for me, and the following morning it felt like it does the day after sex without a barrier method. Any thoughts? similar experiences? If my partner had noticed an obvious split I'm sure he would have said so at the time.

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RosyRosie · 29/06/2011 15:50

No it isn't! This is how I got pregnant the first time, everything went to plan condomwise, next thing I know, baby!?

kalidasa · 29/06/2011 15:52

Oh dear Rosy. Do you have any idea at all what went wrong? I hope I'm fussing about nothing.

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going · 29/06/2011 15:57

Do you mean you had a lot of mucous? If so that is very normal around your fertlie time and probably means that the condom was fine.

kalidasa · 29/06/2011 16:32

going - yes, I'm used to seeing very watery or 'egg white' cervical fluid at that time of the month (I use the fertility awareness method, so I am used to noticing these things). But, not too be too grisly, the particular consistency the following morning was more like the morning after sex without a barrier than my usual cervical fluid (even when I'm very fertile). There was an awful lot of it too. You're probably right all the same and it was just a particularly lavish month! We also used a different type of condom from normal so I wondered if it had a spermicide on it perhaps which might made my own cf seem different the next day? I'll doublecheck with my partner and see if he noticed anything.

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