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Family planning


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bonkers20 · 31/05/2011 09:47

I can't see any recent discussions on this topic.
I am considering sterilisation. I am 40, have 2 DSs and we do not want any more children. I do not want to take hormonal contraception any more, I do not want to mess up my rather easy going periods by using a copper coil.
We have been using condoms which we both hate. I am really, really anxious about an unplanned pregnancy and it is taking the joy out of our sex life.

I know female sterilisation used to be quite a major procedure, but from what I've read recently, these days it's done under a local and you'll be home in a day. I like the fact that it's effective immediately.

Does anyone have any experience in having been sterilised recently, preferably not as part of a c-section.


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bonkers20 · 31/05/2011 11:50


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RedGreenBlue · 31/05/2011 12:43

As a man (who admittedly, hasn't had to think about this actually happening yet), I'd go for the snip waaay before I'd ask my DW to think about sterilisation. Irrespective of how much easier it is than it used to be, sterilisation sounds much more invasive than a quick snip. Christ, pass me the scissors, I'll do it myself.

Have you discussed that option with your DP?

bonkers20 · 31/05/2011 13:15

Thanks for your input Red. DH and I have discussed it. For a while I put the onus on him to get the snip if he was sure he didn't want more children. I was not sure at that time so no way would I have been sterilised myself. He never did. I now feel our family is complete. When I raised it with him he then seemed more keen to get the snip, thinking that female sterilisation is more invasive and that he should stop being such a wuss.

From what I've read though, it really isn't that much more invasive is it? Keyhole surgery to cut the tubes. How different is it to the male snip? I'd be sore inside, but he'd be sore outside.

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QueenStromba · 01/06/2011 19:25

There's a new type of sterilisation called essure where they go in through the vagina and insert a small bit of metal into your fallopian tubes, tissue then grows around them blocking the tubes. Apparently the procedure can be done in 10 mins and it takes 3 months for it to be effective - I've not had it done myself though.

bonkers20 · 01/06/2011 22:42

Thanks Queen. I've just read up about it and it looks good. I wonder how many GPs are trained to perform it. I'll speak to my GP.

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