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Family planning

I have 2 DC and don't want any more but which contraception?

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cheapFlower · 26/05/2011 14:03

as said above, as far as I am concerned, my family is complete.

problem is, I just don't really know what to do contraception-wise (we are using condoms atm, which sucks and isn't safe enough for me).

I was on the pill in the past (tried several) and always suffered from awful mood swings and really bad migraines. I rule it out therefore.

I talked to GP and she recommended the coil but the more I read about it, the more I am put off.

started thinking about the implant but also unsure.

I don't actually want to take any hormones or stick anything up my cervix Blush. it would be perfect for me if DP would get the snip but DP totally refuses to even talk about it.

anybody any wise words for me?


OP posts:
MovingAndScared · 26/05/2011 14:16

the mirena coil has been brilliant for me - very little pain -no problems at all you could try saying to DH you could have that for 5 years and then it would be his turn
or you could be sterilised

QueenStromba · 27/05/2011 01:12

There's a new type of sterilisation for women called essure which from what I understand isn't as invasive as the old type and is an out patient procedure. It might be worth looking into that if your DP doesn't want to get the snip.

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