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Implanon and low libido

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RhinestoneCowgirl · 06/04/2011 19:11

I had the implant put in about a year ago. Libido wasn't great at the time as DD was 15 months and waking several times a night to bf. Implant seemed fine, I had no bleeding, didn't notice other side effects.

However, it's now a year later and I've realised that I have zero sex drive :( I thought things would be getting better as I'm getting more sleep, DD is finally night weaned. Doesn't help that I started spotting 10 days ago and no signs of it stopping.

Anybody else had similar experience?

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RhinestoneCowgirl · 06/04/2011 19:42

polite bump...

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Ben10isthespawnofthedevil · 06/04/2011 19:44


I am looking to probably get mine taken out for exactly the same reason plus the endless spotting

elliepac · 06/04/2011 19:48

Do you know it was only when i clicked on this that i realised the implanon might be responsible for my lack of libido. It was pretty low after haing dd 6 months before it was put in but is non existent now and actually threatening my relationship with dh. So yes, it really could be implanon!

OhNoSpaghettiO · 06/04/2011 19:49

I had exactly the same , it also gave me mood swings , like having permanent PMT!!
I had it taken out a couple of weeks ago and feel much better for it & Libido is back to normal! Grin

RhinestoneCowgirl · 06/04/2011 19:50

Glad it's not just me... Just comparing how I am now to how I was after DS was born (we used condoms until ttc again) and it is so different.

Damn, really thought the implant would be the answer

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QueenStromba · 06/04/2011 21:52

I completely lost my libido after having the thing in for three days. I had a host of other side effects like losing my memory and being depressed. I had the thing taken out after 24 days and if the family planning center hadn't taken it out for me I'd have done it myself it was making me feel so bad. After reading about other women's experiences I consider myself very lucky that I had such acute side effects - if it had happened slowly over the course of several months I might not have realised it was the implant doing it to me.

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