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What contraception to use? Was having bad PMT before.

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CrapBag · 03/03/2011 20:25

I have just had DC2. Got my 6 weeks check in a couple of weeks and I was going to go for the implant.

I don't want a permanent solution as I may want another baby in the future. I don't really want to faff with remembering the pill and I definitely don't want a coil.

I have endometriosis and my doctor said before that the implant and coil helps, but we were about to start ttc so I left it obviously. I don't really like using condoms and after I had DS and before I was pregnant with DD, it seemed that my mood swings etc were really bad for 2 weeks every month. DH said he noticed a huge difference in me and I just felt so awful for half the time. My doctor also said the ADs I was on for PND were useful for bad PMT/PMS, so if this does return I have no problem taking them again.

After looking around on this board, I don't know what to use. Not so sure about the implant now. Don't really want constant on/off bleeding. I know my sister had problems on it and had to take the pill as well. She bled for months and ended up having it taken out.

Any suggestions?

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whomovedmychocolate · 03/03/2011 20:27

I would suggest you go to a Family Planning Clinic rather than a GP as they do this day in, day out and will give you an objective opinion on your options.

Personally I don't think hormonal contraceptives are a good idea if you have bad PMT (I used to) because they can make things worse. :)

Congratulations btw on your DC2 and on being so responsible! :)

CrapBag · 03/03/2011 20:57

Thanks. Smile

I am debating the wisdom of putting more hormones in my body when I have enough if the bloody things anyway. Smile

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whomovedmychocolate · 03/03/2011 20:59

FPC is really your best option. I was really impressed with ours - I went to it when my Mirena coil was going awry and when she checked it, it shot out. Shock But she did then spend twenty minutes going through all the options with me. With my GP I got 'yep your solution is X' Hmm

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