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ovulation worries

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fedupwelshmum · 23/02/2011 13:30

I have been with my dp for 18 months now and we have been ttc for 5 months. I have 2 other DDs who are 7 and 8 with my previous partner and had no trouble concieving (in fact both took only 1 week). My dp has a bad back condition so fun time is limited! I have been using the ovulation sticks off the internet for the last three months but have failed to get a positive ovulation result at all. My periods are pretty regular usually between 28 and 31 days. I know im probably being paranoid but im worried that im not ovulating due to the lack of positive result on sticks. Has anyone had the same problem with these ovulation kits as im worried there could be something wrong.

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Chloe55 · 23/02/2011 15:09

I don't fully trust the ovulation sticks to be honest. I would give TTC a few months longer and if you have no joy I would book a consultation with your gp who will prob refer you for tests. The first few tests performed are pretty non-evasive and not painful, will be sperm count, bloods, poss ultrasound to begin with. The gp will prob not see you until you have been TTC for 12mths so bear that in mind if you do need to speak to them.

fedupwelshmum · 23/02/2011 15:16

Was also wondering when my period is due I have brown discharge for a couple of days before I actually bleed properly. Is day one the first day of proper bleeding or the day you have the brown discharge - sorry sounds horrible

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Chloe55 · 23/02/2011 15:23

Ahhh, well I have been told different things by two different docs. One says the first day of brown and one says the first day of proper blood. I counted my first day as the brown when I was pg with ds. That's not very helpful is it Grin

fedupwelshmum · 23/02/2011 15:35

Thanks C55, its ok its just if I go from day 1 of blood or the other its going to give me different readings of my fertile days so I dont know i have been going from the first day of proper bleeding so next time will do the other. The sticks seem to not be picking up anything and before I know it another month is over. I guess as Im bleeding on time every month everything should be ok with me. I may try a different kit maybe the clearblue one they are just so expensive.

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ursusnix · 03/03/2011 16:13

Get a decent thermometer, and a copy of Taking Charge of Tour Fertility, which will tell you how to chart, and what to look for in the chart - worked for us after a long period of ttc, and no daft expensive sticks.


ursusnix · 04/03/2011 11:08

That should be Taking Charge of Your Fertility..


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