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I'm squeamish and forgetful, and don't want more babies

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butterpieify · 21/02/2011 01:25

Right, after our scare when the condom broke and I had to take the MAP and am now on a horrendous period, I have decided enough is enough. DH is meant to be having a vasectomy, but he is stalling, I think because he is scared, so fair enough, I am confident he will get it done, and it is his body, and he is happy to use condoms - it is me who isn't.

The fear of getting pregnant is ruining my sex drive - I can relax right up until there is any chance of me getting pregnant (yes that includes when using a condom as I worry it will break - so much so that when it did, I felt oddly calm, as I had worried about it so much already, if that makes sense). I have AWFUL pregnancies, and one of the things is SPD that would probably leave me in a wheelchair if it came back, plus other stuff. I can't possibly have another baby, and my periods are so irregular it could be weeks before I realised I was pregnant.

Thing is, I forget the pill so much that I end up always having to use condoms anyway due to the 7 day thing. I'm sqeamish about the implant (I can't even wear earrings as they are all I can think about when I have them in) and the coil, and I worry about the injection as, if I have a bad reaction (given my pregnancies, this is likely) I am stuck with it for 3 years or however long. Diaphragm would worry me too much again- I wouldn't trust myself to use it properly.

I have bad periods (well, sometimes they are a smudge and no pain, other times it is two days in bed and seven days on the mega night pads 24/7) so something that helps them would be great, and I have a tendancy to mood problems,which are linked to hormones, so something hormonal could be good, but I worry it could make my problems worse.

I just feel like ripping it all out and becoming celibate, just to make sure, but then I would still worry Confused

Any ideas? TBH even once DH has the snip, I might want something to sort out my hormones as they rule my life atm. I actually have a high sex drive, I want it, but as soon as we get down get scared. :(

OP posts:
butterpieify · 21/02/2011 01:27

Also, any stories of how hormonal contreceptives have affected SPD would be appreciated. DD2 is 15mo now and I still limp at some times of the month :(

OP posts:
KentMum2008 · 28/03/2011 13:20

I'm on Mirena, but I know you said you're squeamish about it. It is all over very quickly you know, and then that's 5 years of not having to worry....
The only thing that sorted my SPD out was physio, I had a session every week for 6 weeks after DS was born, so I don't know how hormones would affect it. I do still have the occasional problem, when trying to use one legs to push something across the floor iykwim. As in, don't have enough hands to carry washing basket so try to push it with my leg. I get a lot of pain in my pelvis if I attempt something like that, but I don't think the Mirena has made it worse. Its just something I've learned to live with and not try to do too frequently :D
Hope it all goes well, whatever you decide.
Ooh have you thought about the patch, not sure if they still do it but worth researching.

darleneconnor · 28/03/2011 13:29

The injection only lasts 3 months.

have you been tested for PCOS?

Could you set an alarm on your phone for the pill? It still works if you take it up to 12 hour late, btw.

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