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How long should I wait for things to settle using Implanon

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Pingpong · 12/02/2011 23:55

I had DD in March and implant put in mid June. Two weeks later I had some light spotting then nothing at all for months. I was/still am breastfeeding but much less so now. In January I had what I would consider my first period since DD then a few days later more bleeding, stop for a couple of days then more bleeding. I am finding it quite annoying as I don't know when I'll stop or start and can suddenly gush with no warning. Sorry tmi!
I thought my lack of periods was down to the implant as my period came back sooner after DD1 but it seems it was the breastfeeding after all.
I was just wondering if anyone can share their experience, will the bleeding settle down?
I am tempted to go and ask for it to be taken out but not sure what other contraception to go for instead.
I feel a bit shouty sometimes - not sure if that is the hormones in the implant or just being a stressed Mummy.

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madhattershouse · 13/02/2011 00:00

I know people who had bleeding for almost 2 years on implanon (IMO the best form of contraceptive...constant blood loss Grin). It seems for many this form of contraceptive has too many side effects to put up with. Step-d had to have hers removed as doctor said it was poisoning her system! The implant gives you 3 times the required dose in the first year so that as it degrades you are still above the dosage to prevent prgnancy..this can cause awful side-effects in some. If you are unhapy ask your GP. It may be that another method would suit you better.

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