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Yet another Mirena thread, what next???

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Anonymousbird · 22/01/2011 15:36

My five years is up next month. I am 42 this year and am convinced that my Mirena has had side effects, fairly mildly, but ones I would like to move on from.

Where do I go next? I am too old for the Pill, Condoms are frankly, ridiculous for an old hag like me...

I know my GP is going to push hard for me to have another Mirena, but I want a break so want suggestions to put to her rather than being steamrollered (which she has a tendency to do....)

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 22/01/2011 15:43

You are not too old for the combined pill unless you have an underlying health issue which prevents pill usage, such as history of clots, hypertension, diabetes, smoking or just stopped smoking and over 35, etc.

Saying you're too old just because you are over 35 is outdated advice and just plain wrong

You can also use combined hormonal contraception in the form of a patch on your body or a ring in your vagina that you insert yourself.

TBH, if you have a GP who streamrolls like this, it's best to make an appointment at a family planning clinic as they tend to be a bit more open-minded and up to speed.

In fact, have a look at the lef hand side of the link provided it's very informative!

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