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Mirena - insomnia and when can it be removed?

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SmilingHappyBeaver · 21/01/2011 09:04


I am having the most horrendous time. my life has imploded since I had my mirena fitted 3 weeks ago. I have been bleeding constantly for the last 2 weeks, heavier than i have ever experienced, other than immediately after childbirth.

For the last 4 nights i have been unable to get to sleep, I have 3 boys under 5 and am surviving on about 2 hours sleep a night. Does anyone know if Mirena causes insomnia? I have never suffered from insomnia before, so can't help thinking it must be linked to the Mirena.

I am so tired I can't think straight, I feel like i'm having a permanent panic attack. Has anyone else experienced this? Usually I am a calm/sane person.

I want my mirena taken out, has anyone requested that their mirena is taken out after such a short time? Can a GP refuse to take it out? I am so desperate I am tempted to try and get it out myself if my GP refuses.

Apols for the long post...

OP posts:
Dutchie77 · 21/01/2011 15:49

I say, if you feel uncomfortable and have all these side effects...... give your GP a ring.

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