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The pill

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serendipity16 · 15/01/2011 10:06

Hi ladies i just wanted to ask for some advise about the pill.

I had my baby 7wks ago & have had a lot of bleeding since. I was admitted overnight at 6wks due to really heavy bleeding. I was given mefenamic acid,tranexamic acid as well as norethisterone to stop the bleeding. Its helped but not 100%. I'm still taking the norethisterone but am due to stop that in about 2 weeks when i'll start bleeding/have a period again.

I saw a consultant when i was in hospital & she has said that a scan showed nothing left inside or anything wrong so they've classed it as dysfunctional uterine bleeding which can last for months. She said that maybe i should go on the pill or have the coil fitted.

The thing is i have tried a few types of the pill but none of them have agreed with me, headaches, heavy prolonged bleeding etc. Also i had wanted to try for another baby in 6-7 months time.

I am worried about the bleeding i'm going to have once i stop the norethisterone & am thinking of going on the pill. Do all pills make you have irregular bleeding for a few months? I'm not sure if theres much point in going on the pill to sort out the bleeding..... if it also makes me have irregular bleeding Confused .

I'm also a little worried that it may affect my fertility. Can being on the pill for say 5-6 months affect how long it'll take to get pregnant when you come off the pill?

I had an ectopic at xmas 2009 & lost my left tube. My right ovary doesn't work so it was some what of a miracle that i got pregnant with my last baby. I don't want to do anything that will make getting pregnant again take even longer as it can take longer anyway due to having just the one tube.

I know everyone is different but has anyone been on a pill that hasn't caused irregular bleeding? If you've come off the pill to TTC did it take you a long time to ovulate again?

Sorry for such a long post.

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WiiUnfit · 15/01/2011 11:06

Hi serendipity, the important thing to remember is every woman is different, so where one pill may mess up one woman's bleeding, you might experience none at all or completely regular periods.

My advice would be to have a chat with your GP, they will be able to go through all of your options with you & together you can decide which to try.

FYI, I was actually on the pill when I fell pregnant (not planned) so it doesn't delay or slow down everyone's fertility, trust me!

Best of luck, hope you find some contraceptive that helps & suits you & good luck TTC#2.

serendipity16 · 16/01/2011 14:14

Thank you for replying.

I'm going to speak to my gp when i see her on thursday. Hopefully i'll get something that can sort me out for a while.

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DizzyKipper · 18/01/2011 10:42

Hi serendipity,

Like WiiUnfit said, everyone is different and will be affected differently by the pill. Both my MIL and SIL got pregnant whilst on the pill, other people have their fertility reduced for quite a while afterwards. For me the pill actually really helped to sort out my irregular bleeding - before going on it I always used to have irregular and heavy bleeding (and extremely painful I might add). The pill completely sorted this out quite quickly. Then I went on the injection, only had it once and bled every day for almost a year! (not heavy bleeding, but still..) Once again the pill helped, so it can be useful - but really it's pot luck of how it will affect you.

It maybe that after you've had this norethisterone your bleeding will have been sorted out quite a bit and won't be as bad this time.

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