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Family planning

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Talk to me about implants before 11.00am today

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Trillian · 06/01/2011 07:09

I am due to have one fitted instead of the pill but after new bad press yesterday I am worried sick.

I have a completed family I do not want any more children I can not have a coil, tried but they could not fit one, I am on the mini pill but due to other health problems I have lots of upset tummy so worry it wont work.

In tears about this, advice please x

OP posts:
PonceyMcPonce · 06/01/2011 07:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ProfYaffle · 06/01/2011 07:25

I used to have an implant but had it taken out. From what I heard yesterday the problems with it were down to incorrect insertion by the medics, if it's too deep it wouldn't work and could also cause nerve damage.

They've redesigned the implant now to over come these problems. I don't know exactly what they've done but I'm sure that if you talk to the Dr/nurse they'll happily go through it all with you.

ProfYaffle · 06/01/2011 07:26

It can be undone! You just have it taken out again.

PonceyMcPonce · 06/01/2011 07:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

racmac · 06/01/2011 07:55

Ive had it done - its great - I can feel it so I know its in there and I have no periods - brilliant

Trillian · 06/01/2011 08:00

Thank you everyone.

It is so worried though

OP posts:
ProfYaffle · 06/01/2011 08:01

It's just under the skin, like Racmac said you can feel it. My only problem was that you have to book a long appointment with the Dr to get it out and that took weeks and weeks to organise at my surgery.

Trillian · 06/01/2011 08:01


OP posts:
rhinobaby · 08/01/2011 14:20

To put the news item in to context - it was reported that 584 women had fallen pregnant with the implant. This is out of 1.4 million women who have used it since 1999. This gives a failure rate of 0.06%. Compare the implant to the pill - with perfect use the pill has a failure rate of 0.3% or 3000 women per million users per year. Typical use of the pill (ie forgeting the odd one or two, tummy upset etc) gives a failure rate of 8% or 80,000 women per million users per year. Condoms are even less reliable.
Some women have side effects with the implant, if they are a big problem you can have it removed. Your local family planning clinic can help if your GP practice has a long wait.
No contraceptive is 100% guaranteed to work but the implant is as effective as sterilisation.

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