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Family planning

Contraception & breastfeeding

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nymphadora · 16/11/2010 11:38

What is suitable? Really can't get pregnant in the near future (probably never again :( ) looking at doubling up condoms +? as I'm less likely to slip up Blush

I can't have coil & dont react well to hormones so am reluctant over long lasting hormones (unless any are the same as a previous pill & I know how I'd react?)

OP posts:
Showaddywaddy · 16/11/2010 11:41

Why can't you have a coil?

We used condoms. They did not work. I had a coil fitted.

Natural family planning, alongside coil and condoms became necessary in this house.

nymphadora · 16/11/2010 11:48

They couldn't fit it last time as I went into shock. No chance of doing it without a GA now as they won't get near me

OP posts:
Cies · 16/11/2010 11:50

Can you not use the previous pill?

Showaddywaddy · 16/11/2010 11:51

I had mine fitted under a GA. I don't know if I'd have managed it while awake. I'm not great with hormones but took Loestrin 20 for years with no problems. No other pill suited.

AMumInScotland · 16/11/2010 11:53

A vasectomy?

nymphadora · 16/11/2010 12:13

Can't take other pill whilebreastfeeding.

Am hoping that we can have another baby but such a long shot at the moment. So v wary of doing anything permanent.

OP posts:
CrawlingInMySkin · 22/11/2010 19:10

What about the patch or nuva ring? the hormone levels are really low from what I have read.

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