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Perforated mirena out at last!

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Poppyella · 13/11/2010 11:36

Hi there

Yesterday i had a laparoscopy to remove my mirena coil that had perforated and was in my abdomen. They found it easily near my bowel and at the same time inserted a copper coil - no hormones, hooray - and made sure it was it the right place this time!!!

Today I feel sore and washed out but pleased that it is finally sorted. It was March 26th they discovered it was in the wrong place! Ages ago.

I will now wait with baited breath to see if the side effects from the mirena decrease, afterall that was the whole reason I wanted it changed in the first place and if I hadn't gone to the family planning clinic in march it would have stayed in the wrong place for another 2.5 years!

Anyway, just thought I would share the lastest.




OP posts:
mumof4sons · 13/11/2010 20:09

Snap! I had a laparoscopy to remove my mirena coil just before half term. It had also perferated my womb and was found near my bowel too.

I opted to have my tubes tied at the same time. I have 4 DSs.

Just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery. Took about a week before I could get the jeans on - button rubbed against belly button bruise.


judawn67 · 06/01/2011 11:59

Hi did you have any symptoms being it was found near your bowel?


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