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Painful sex- side effect of the pill

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kateSM · 25/10/2010 11:15

For 10 years I suffered with painful sex.All of that time I was on the pill. Every time I had sex I was sore down below. sometimes so bad I had to soak in a bath afterwards. Many tests showed nothing wrong but use of condoms (in conjunction with pill) helped. Then I stopped all contraception to have children. I was nervous about having sex without condoms as I thought it would be painful but it was fine. I thought it had all been in my head. Since then hubby had vasectomy and sex has been fine no problems with pain. Then due to perimenopausal symptoms doctor suggested pill to help things. Guess what painful sex just like I used to have in my teens and twenties.
has anyone else experiensed this? I will be asking my doctor to record this as an adverse event against the pill i was on.

OP posts:
LadyInPink · 26/10/2010 10:19

Have sent you a PM - see your in box Smile

angels1 · 29/10/2010 08:02

yeah - I had similar thing. It got to the point where DH and I just could never manage sex as I found it too painful. I went to GP and they could find nothing physically wrong. I didn't at the time realise it might be due to the pill, but since coming off it the problem completelt stopped.

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