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Family planning

Failed coil insertion????

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Scaredandalone · 20/10/2010 11:46

I tried to have a coil inserted yesterday after unprotected sex however the GP tried for 30 minutes and my cervix was clamped shut. It was agony and when I got up a pool of blood fell out. I would still like a coil fitted is this possible now? I was not during my period so if I had it fitted during my period would it be more likely to go in?

OP posts:
FrameyMcFrame · 20/10/2010 17:15

Sorry you had such a bad time. Have you had children? It can be hard to get it in if not.

Also you might be better off going to a family planning clinic rather than your GP.
The staff at FP clinics put IUDs in all day every day and get very good at it while GPs don't do it that often so you might have better luck at a more specialised place.

Scaredandalone · 20/10/2010 18:00

I have had two dc, it was a family planning clinic the doctor there inserted it, I didn't mean to say GP.

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Lulumaam · 20/10/2010 18:03

you can'thave it fitted during your period

did you get any other emergecny contraception

do you have issues having smears or anythign?

did the GP use any numbing gel on your cervix before clamping it?

bigstripeytiger · 20/10/2010 18:06

You can have if fitted during a period. That can make it easier because the cervix is more open. That wont help you re the recent unprotected intercourse though.

Lulumaam · 20/10/2010 18:10

really? when i've had mine fitted, i've been asked where in my cycle i am?

bigstripeytiger · 20/10/2010 18:20

My GP will only fit them during a period as they say it is the only way that they can know that you arent pregnant at the time.

Lulumaam · 20/10/2010 18:20

interesting ! mine just asks if there is any chance you are pregnant...

Scaredandalone · 20/10/2010 18:22

No I was unable to take any further action against unwanted pg. So I shall hope I am not but if I am I shall not have a termination. But if I get my period I want a coil inserted to ensure no further actions.

I have no problems with smears or sweeps I have had my waters broken these didn't hurt as much. I had no gel he also said they normally give AB but because I am bf he will do it without and risk infection and then he shoved it in. He was really hurting me with just the speculum to be honest I think he was a inconsiderate bastard.

OP posts:
bigstripeytiger · 20/10/2010 18:22

That sounds a bit more reasonable. Mine make me feel like they think you cant be trusted to tell the truth.

Lulumaam · 20/10/2010 18:31

that's awful.. could you not hav got the MAP>?

Scaredandalone · 20/10/2010 18:45

Lulumaam I am currently awaiting diagnosis on bipolar I had a episode last week and by the time I was back to myself I was at +5 days and that was last night so MAP not a option Sad I also had no idea the coil could fail to be inserted Sad.

OP posts:
hatwoman · 20/10/2010 18:52

scared - I had huge difficulties having a mirena coil inserted recently - GP failed; 2 docs at fp clinic failed; 4th doc (specialist coil-fitter) managed to get it in. it was bloody painful though. at the last attempt they said that if they couldn;t do it one of the other coils might be easier - something to do with the shape. (but they managed to get the mirena in). So this might be worth asking about. They also talked about doing it under a general anaesthetic - glad I didn;t have to make that choice - seemed a bit ott, but then again, maybe not - quick operation for 5 years worry free. go back and find out more about your options

Lulumaam · 20/10/2010 19:49

I'm really sorry to hear that scaredandalone.. xxx

Scaredandalone · 20/10/2010 20:17

Thanks hatwoman I will definetely try again then and go back Smile. Thanks lulumaam Smile.

OP posts:
angels1 · 29/10/2010 08:13

yes - they tried with me and couldn't. I was told some coils are bigger than others, so that might make a difference. Even so, they tried the smallest one with me and it still wouldn't fit! I was referred to a gyane doc at local hospital to fit it under a general. In the end I didn't opt for this (as by the time I had waited for the hospital appointment which took a few months DH and I had decided we would try for a family within the year so it wouldn't be worth having the coil at this point in time).

mosschops30 · 29/10/2010 08:26

I had one put in by my gp but had my new one put in under general anaesthetic due to other issues.
I can highly recommend it, I didn't even have to be intubated, was in and out of theatre quickly, it was a very positive experience

mosschops30 · 29/10/2010 08:26

I had one put in by my gp but had my new one put in under general anaesthetic due to other issues.
I can highly recommend it, I didn't even have to be intubated, was in and out of theatre quickly, it was a very positive experience

Scaredandalone · 29/10/2010 10:13

I think as I am uncertain if me and dp will be having any more children I may use a ring or a patch for now and then have a coil once the decision is made but thanks for all the input.

OP posts:
DamselInDisgrace · 29/10/2010 10:19

Why not get an implant? They're easy to remove if and when you want to (try to) conceive, and less painful than a coil.

Scaredandalone · 29/10/2010 20:22

I have had two kinds of the pill and both disagreed with me so I looked and the ring has the least amount of adverse effects so thought I would try that one.

OP posts:
Squirrelgirl · 02/11/2010 11:05

This is the first time I have used this site and I hope that I have posted correctly. I had a marena coil fitted a few months ago. On Sunday night I experienced very strong labour type pains with spotting that continued onto the next day and didn't fade much with strong painkillers. Last night my coil fell out with a clot attached to it. I am still experiencing pain and with two kids and lack of sleep from the pain I am exhausted. The family planning clinic advised that it should pass in a couple of days but this is horrendous. Does anyone have any advice?

FlameGrilledMama · 02/11/2010 15:42

Hi Squirrelgirl this is a old thread you would be better off starting a new thread because not many people will return to this thread now Smile Sorry no experience of your current dilema.

zara283 · 10/12/2010 22:48

Hi squirrelgirl
I had the coil fitted and had exactly the same problem except mine didn't fall out I had to plead with the doctor to take it out, they refused so I ended up going to a family planning clinic. Once they removed it I had about a week of reall bad pain but then it subsided & I felt 10x better.
Hope that helps

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