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Could I be pregnant?

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Missyk5 · 13/09/2010 18:50

Hi, can anyone help..., I had the Merina coil fitted on 10th Aug, and had it removed last Thursday 9th Sept as I was having a bleed (which I believe was my period) and excrutiating cramps. I then had unprotected sex on Sat 11th Sept and am wondering could I get pregant as the coil was removed, but yet I was having a bleed?? Any ideas? I'd appreciated any help.., thanks!

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FerminaUrbinoDaza · 13/09/2010 18:54

If you had sex without using contraception you could be pregnant. It's not rocket science Wink

TBH it's unlikely, but all you can do is wait at least 14 days (preferably a bit longer) and do a test.

I hope you get the result you want.

Missyk5 · 13/09/2010 18:57

Thanks Fermina...., stupid of me I know (in the heat of the moment)..., easy to say in hindsight...! Though I am hoping to get pregnant quite quickly, so I suppose the best way would be too keep having intercourse and hopefully I'll have the positive result I want soon..., thanks! :)

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Missyk5 · 13/09/2010 18:59

Has anyone else got pregant so soon after removal of the coil??? I'd appreciate any positive comments..., thank you :)

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alarkaspree · 13/09/2010 19:07

I don't think the coil has any effect at all after it's taken out - I got pregnant the month after I'd had mine removed (although copper not mirena).

Missyk5 · 14/09/2010 19:02

Really?! Well that's good to know..., thanks :)

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