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Family planning

anyone had any experience with Persona?

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parakeet · 29/08/2010 18:33

Thinking of going for it. We're using condoms at the moment, and I can't face using them forever (well, at least for another eight years or so).

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BelleDameSansMerci · 29/08/2010 22:40

I used Persona for years with no resulting pregnancy and I have had no difficulty conceiving so I'm definitely fertile... The only thing I would say is that you absolutely must abide by the information it gives and not chance it. I was using Persona when I became pregnant with DD but I ignored the "red" warning light in a fit of passion Blush

It's easy to use although it can become quite expensive as you do have to pay for the sticks, etc.

hotmama · 29/08/2010 22:55


I'm a big fan.

Used it for a few years and never had any problems. I then used it when planning to get pregnant - having sex on 'red' days and especially when the ovulating symbol was showing - have successfully conceived 3 times doing this. Smile

Felt quite empowering in a way to know how my body was working IYKWIM.

Don't use the persona anymore as dp has had the snip - 3 children are enough.

Actually reminded me to think about putting it on EBAY. Grin


parakeet · 30/08/2010 21:53

Thanks for those replies, very useful.

Will probably go for it.

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