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Family planning

Contraceptive patch?

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Lakesandsnadders · 29/07/2010 22:06

I'd be interested to hear any experiences of using this. Any side effects? How long can it be used for? I'm 36, have 2 DC and we've pretty much decided we won't be having any more (although I'm struggling like mad to come to terms with that 'reality' at the mo!) Neither of us are quite ready to go down the vasectomy route yet.

We've been using condoms for the last 2 years and I HATE being on the pill as always feel nauseous with it.

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 22/08/2010 01:36

I use it. I use it continuously which supposedly means no periods however i had spotty for about 20 days at one point. Doctor reckons it should settle down once I've been taking it 3 months, along with the sore boobs I've had with it.

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