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Help me with where to put these Brownie badges please!

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MrsFogi · 06/07/2014 22:11

When I was a Brownie it was easy - the arms of my dress were covered with badges. These days.....the silly sash doesn't seem to have room for many badges at all. So, where am I supposed to put the Big Brownie Birthday Challenge badge and also I have a fan shaped "Adventure" badge (looks as though there may be other badges that could fit with it to make a circle of fan shaped badges). Any ideas on the best place to put these?

OP posts:
nonicknameseemsavailable · 06/07/2014 22:26
JennyWren · 06/07/2014 22:50

You can put them anywhere you'd like to - there isn't a single 'right' place. Some Brownies have them over the back of their polo shirt, which looks nice; lots put them on the front, which is also great. Really - put them where you think they look good :)

Youdontneedacriminallawyer · 06/07/2014 23:26

I would recommend sewing them on to a camp blanket, though don't get a Brownie one, or you'll end up resewing them all when she goes to Guides.
If your unit doesn't do sleepovers, then sew the badges on to gilet or hoodie, anywhere you like.

MaudantWit · 07/07/2014 09:11

Brownie leader here.

With the badge sash, the advice used to be that badges that had been worked for went on the front and "fun" badges went on the back. That hasn't changed, as far as I know, but frankly nobody's likely to notice or care if you do it differently. If your Brownie is likely to amass lots of badges, it's better to get one of the extra wide badge sashes so you can do a double row. My DD filled two.

redskyatnight · 07/07/2014 09:27

Another Brownie leader here.

My DD has her badges on a camp blanket.
Other girls have theirs on sashes, or the gilet, or the hoody, or ... I have no idea where. There isn't a right or wrong place. (and hadn't heard MaudantWit 's advice, so would suggest that is probably not universal!)

MaudantWit · 07/07/2014 12:36

Hmm, maybe it's a county thing, then. Anyway, it's 10 years since I was told it and I've always thought it was pretty pointless ::naughty Brown Owl:: as badges can be sewn willy-nilly onto camp blankets and hoodies.

JulieMichelleRobinson · 07/07/2014 20:37

In the old days (post uniform-change-to-guide-wear) all mine went on my sash. And I had lots but it was a proper sash.

Middleagedmotheroftwo · 09/07/2014 12:44

I sewed my DDs' onto the sash, then when they went to Guides, I sewed the whole sash onto a camp blanket.

Brownies, Guides etc no longer wear "uniform" as such. They wear "Brownie wear" (who's stupid idea was that?), so badges can go anywhere you like, unless your particular unit, district, region etc has it's own rules.

MaudantWit · 09/07/2014 13:01

I haven't got round to it yet, but I have the same intention to sew DD's two badge sashes onto her camp blanket in their entirety.

dizzyday07 · 11/07/2014 00:47

DD already has a full sash with still a year to go. I made her a fleece patchwork blanket to which I have to sewn her duplicate badges (we moved areas so she did some twice) plus the pile of "specials" she has and have added too the ones she earned at Rainbows. It is big enough that and Guides badges can eventually be added too

Groovee · 19/07/2014 18:06

I let my parents do whatever they want with sewing. One bought a large gillet and sewed them on there.

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