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Elderly parents

Concerns about parent,

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Potdora · 24/09/2023 07:33

My mother is in her early 70s. I began to have concerns about some things about her two years ago but she wasn't showing forgetfulness so I put it to the back of my mind. As the months went on, some odd-ish behaviours increased. Here and there.

This week I dealt with a wall of silence. Even though I was sick but not contagious sick. It's a different condition that I have. There's no conversation from her. Any attempt by me to talk, is met with one words. It's so odd. I am mindful of my own tone and attitude.

I felt like she was building up anger for a few days and out of nowhere she exploded in rage at me over starting the dishwasher that was very full.

She seems disoritated in the mornings. She comes out from her bedroom and stands in the hall and seems disoritated and angry and I know to hide in my room then to avoid her.

There's stuff that's not quite right.

I read online about dementia and apparantly there's a form of dementia that doesn't present with memory loss but it's a loss of speech and cognitive functions and behavioural issues. This is hitting me so hard and I think maybe this could be it.

Every day is different with my mother. I have a long list of behaviours that's not very right.

I went to her GP last year and she was called for an appointment and a baseline was done on her but there was no further action. I do know that she has high cholesterol and she's neglecting the management of that. She refused medication for her GP and her GP allowed her off to manage it through her diet. She took no action through her diet and her diet is still not very great. It's not filled with trash but there's limited fruit and vegetables throughout her days. Maybe a banana a few times a month but that's it.
So I don't know if any of that would play a part in what I am witnessing - limited conversation, poor comprehension, behavioural issues. Or if that would even lead into dementia.

I feel like this is something that I must go to her GP about and raise all of these concerns with her GP and get the ball rolling on investigative work, referral and rule dementia in or out. However I am utterly torn.
She started divorce proceedings a number of years ago but all that legal work is still not done and I am apprehensive about going down the route of pushing for a diagnosis at this time at least til the legal stuff is done. Hopefully by next summer it should be all tied up and things finalised. On the other hand I am wary about her and I don't know if she will be able to pull this stuff off any more. She is due to do affidavit of means and it seems as if she's not all that fully there any more about it all. She's arguing to me about her savings. She wants to declare them but also hide them at the same time and she wants me to fix it. She also wants me to fill in her forms while she shouts verbal insults and abuse at me. She has no respect for me as a person.

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DustyLee123 · 24/09/2023 07:38

This rings a bell, have you posted about this before ?

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