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Elderly parents

Riser recliner use in power cuts

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RudyKazoo · 16/09/2023 20:58

Long time lurker - and I’m hugely grateful for the tips and comfort I’ve found on this board already 💜.

Just as the title says - disabled dad uses a riser/recliner and lives in an area of frequent power cuts. He often gets stuck reclined during power outages.

Does anyone use something like a camping power bank to plug a riser recliner chair into in the event of a power cut, just so they reset the chair and get out of it? I know the chairs generally have emergency power packs with 9V batteries, but that’s not an option for this one.

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CMOTDibbler · 16/09/2023 21:09

What he needs is an uninterruptible power supply- these are like a battery but stay plugged in all the time, and the chair would plugged into it just like it was an extension lead. He could also have a lamp plugged into it for safety.
Amazon have one suitable for around £100

RudyKazoo · 17/09/2023 07:21

Thank you @CMOTDibbler I’d looked at those previously but discounted them because some reviews say they give off a slight humming sound (which would drive him crazy). I think it’s the only/best option though. Good advice about the lamp too - thank you.

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