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Elderly parents

Cataract Operation & pacemaker

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MissMarplesNiece · 16/09/2023 11:25

DM is 89. Around this time last year her optician (Specsavers) referred her for cataract operations in both eyes. Her eyesight has deteriorated since then, she's lost her glasses and optician won't give a new prescription until cataracts have been removed.

DM was given an appointment at private hospital (Optigra) contracted for cataract removals by NHS. She went through a premed but then on day of op at end of June, we turned up to be told that they couldn't do op because of her pacemaker. They referred her back to NHS.

She had a telephone premed with local NHS eye hospital. We have heard nothing since so relative chased it up. They were told that requests had been sent to two hospitals but both had rejected DM on grounds that her pacemaker meant they couldn't use a defibrillator if anything went wrong. DM has a DNR so doubt defibrillator would ever be used anyway.

I have a depressed DM who sees everything through a fog - can't do her favourite hobbies (colouring, reading, knitting), can't even see TV, but can't get what is basically a 20 minute minor operation that would help her considerably.

Where can I turn to get help?

OP posts:
Tarmaced · 17/09/2023 07:36

Back to the NHS to ask what the next step is?

MissMarplesNiece · 17/09/2023 07:44

The referral was originally done by optician, do you think we should try via GP?

I wondered about a paying for a private Consultant who also works in the NHS to see if we could get further that way.

Surely elderly people with cataracts & pacemakers aren't just left to go blind?

OP posts:
Londonnight · 17/09/2023 08:08

My 86 yr old mum had her cataracts operation many years after she was fitted with a pacemaker, so it can certainly happen. This was all NHS.
I would go to the GP and get a referral and start from there.

Tarmaced · 17/09/2023 08:59

Yes, speak to the GP.

CarPour · 17/09/2023 09:06

Speak to the GP. Sounds like they need to do it in a main hospital rather rather one that just does eyes so you have crash teams etc in case anything goes wrong. Although seems illogical if she has a DNR

If you don't get anywhere with the GP then next step would be private consultation

CrotchetyQuaver · 17/09/2023 09:46

My mother had a pacemaker and had her cataracts done in both eyes at the local eye hospital. Would have been 2018 and 2019. Under local anaesthetic. I think a conversation with the GP is the next logical step.

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