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Elderly parents

The start of the end

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nightm8re · 09/09/2023 09:10

Just need to write some feelings down

How tragically sad, scary and out of control it feels when it becomes evident that the wheels are coming off

The people who were your support and guide start to need your support and guidance

Whilst juggling your own children, work and life stressors

And it feels like you've just stepped into a hurricane

And you don't know when, or where, you'll come out the other side

All while grieving your loved ones


OP posts:
Horsemad · 09/09/2023 10:14

Definitely. 😞

Guiltyismyname · 09/09/2023 11:41

It’s a very hard life stage I am finding.

Infracat · 11/09/2023 23:28

Its very difficult and upsetting.

Fluffygoon · 11/09/2023 23:44

Very well put. When it begins you have no idea how long it’s all going to last - I began the journey in 2016 with my dad having a stroke, then my mum a year later, dad being diagnosed with cancer 2018, dying a year later. Mum’s now in the depths of dementia.

During this time my own kids have done GCSEs, A levels and one has graduated.

Being there for the generation above and the generation below.

Death being intertwined with life.

reallyunderstandsometimes · 12/09/2023 00:03

It's a hard life phase.

Hope you are ok.

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