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Elderly parents

A rant about my motherrrr!!!

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Llynmair · 15/05/2023 20:12

She’s 96 and her previous reasonably controlled narcissism is now out of control.
She’s argumentative, condescending, rude, grabby, mean and downright nasty at times.

She lives in her own home, refuses any outside help. Expects me to visit and take her to all appointments, she manipulates family members so she gets at least one person visiting her each day. If she has to spend a whole day alone she’s bitter and complaining.

She moans about the cost of living despite sitting on thousands of pounds. Will make a tea bag last 3 cups and eat food out of date. I make her enough dinner to last 3/4 days and she’s cadging cooked meals off other members of the family rather than have cooked meals brought in.

Will not consider a care home, carers or a companion. She has family members and me cleaning and gardening, won’t have anyone outside as they will ‘scam’ her.

Apart from poor mobility she’s fine. Takes a few drugs for heart disease, if she’s not getting enough attention she’ll stop taking her meds which will then result in her becoming unwell so the everyone rallies around. She’s put herself in hospital twice doing this, usually if someone goes away on holiday.

I’ve had enough. She’ll outlive me I’m sure, she’ll kill me.

im sure I’m not alone? 😞

OP posts:
Azealeasinbloom · 15/05/2023 20:41

Aw, this was me & MIL a couple of years ago. She really liked to have people dance to her tune.
She has since died, and though I am sad for DH and his siblings, I am not sad at her passing.
💐for you - hang in there.

EmmaEmerald · 15/05/2023 21:24

I'm sorry OP
I'd go NC with someone like that tbh.

TomatoSandwiches · 15/05/2023 21:28

I'll keep my fingers crossed she doesn't make it to June for you Op 🫰

Wolfiefan · 15/05/2023 21:29

Time to set some boundaries. She’s an adult and not your responsibility. Do no more than you are willing to do. Even if that’s nothing at all. Her reaction to that is on her.

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