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Elderly parents

Holiday Accommodation Recommendations

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MissMarplesNiece · 12/05/2023 20:39

DM wants to go away on holiday. Does anyone have recommendations of holiday accommodation in the South West that would be suitable for person with very (very) poor mobility, who needs grab rails, a commode that can be put near the bed, and bed rails?

I am quite daunted by the idea of taking DM on holiday but at least it will give DSis a break from caring for her for a week.

OP posts:
IthinkIsawahairbrushbackthere · 14/05/2023 09:57
HappyHamsters · 14/05/2023 11:53

You could try The Grove Hotel in Bournemouth who look after people who are unwell but also those with disabilities

howhotisthedesert · 14/05/2023 12:24

Contact some nursing homes in the holiday spot? They may be able to advise

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