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Elderly parents

Home care agency - Hertfordshire/ Bucks border

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Nonononomaybe · 11/05/2023 16:26

MIL fell at home yesterday and broke her hip, currently awaiting surgery. She is 78 but is otherwise fit and healthy, but once she goes home will need help initially with cooking - or a meal delivery service, cleaning and possibly some personal care (we work FT and live about an hour away). The thought of having ‘help’ and trusting other people to come into her house will be very alien to her - are there any agencies in this area (Rickmansworth area) that people would recommend?

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HotelNotPortofino · 11/05/2023 16:28

I don’t know if they cover that far but Trust on Tap were amazing when DF needed help when he came out of hospital. Within minutes I’d been sent emails of times, days and prices of carers who were willing to come

lazymum99 · 11/05/2023 16:57

We used Patricia White agency when my mother came out of hospital after a fractured pelvis. Expensive but they organised someone to live in within a couple of days

Nonononomaybe · 11/05/2023 17:28

Thank you - will have a look at these.

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