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Elderly parents

Aortic Stenosis Infection

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AxolotlOnions · 10/05/2023 21:34

My father has a staph infection on his heart valve, he's really unwell. He also has Aortic Stenosis. They've told us that the prognosis is bad. He is looking at at least a month in hospital on antibiotics and they don't even think that will be enough to cure him.

I didn't like to ask in front of him, but what is the prognosis here? Has anyone been through this? He is very weak, very confused, very scared, can an 80 odd year old man survive this?

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FatAgain · 11/05/2023 12:08

If it’s endocarditis, which it sounds like. I’m am sorry to say, My mum had this and didn’t make it. However it had been there for a few months and she died from open heart surgery to replace the valve. Hers was a strep infection

Long hospital stays put them at risk of dementia - my mum was there six weeks. So if he can I’d be taking in cards and anything to occupy his mind that he can manage.

AxolotlOnions · 11/05/2023 20:56

Thank you. I'm sorry about your mum.

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