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Elderly parents

"carers" recording myparent

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CagneyandLacy · 08/05/2023 10:25

Wits end. Utterly. Elderly parent - early 90s, live in carer plus micro providers doing waking nights. Too much care in place but parent not accepting less. Constant wars between the waking night carers, who are micro providers (I use that term losely) and the various live in ones.

One micro provider constantly overstepping, now saying she has recoreded my parent saying they feel unsafe. They don't hav e the right to do this? My parent denies saying this. Thank you.

OP posts:
hatgirl · 08/05/2023 10:44

Long experience of working in this area has taught me that two different care providers almost never works. It always causes conflict so that's not unusual.

the filming thing, it's very dependent on things like consent, capacity and whether it was done covertly, also if it's been done in e.g a room that the carer would expect a certain level of privacy in such as their designated bedroom.

Why is there a waking night in if this is 'too much' care. Why not a sleeping night?

who is funding it?

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