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Elderly parents

Car insurance for live in carers

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booface · 28/04/2023 18:11

Hi. We are just starting with my parents having live in carers. Although the ones we have been offered can drive, they will rotate every few weeks and don’t have cars.

My parents have a car the carers could drive, but anyone have any experience of how we would organise the insurance for a series of drivers?

My Dad wouldn’t be on the main driver anymore as he can no longer drive.

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Clymene · 28/04/2023 18:13

I would call a broker. I'd imagine you'd need something like car hire business insurance?

Soontobe60 · 28/04/2023 18:15

I’ve no idea, but would it not be more cost effective to sell the car and for the carers to use taxis if they needed to take your parents out? If either parent needed to use a wheelchair, a black cab would be much more accessible than a private car.

booface · 28/04/2023 18:42

Thank you both. Food for thought both ideas.

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eurochick · 28/04/2023 18:57

It's not unusual for businesses to have vehicles any employee can drive so I'd expect there to be an insurance product available to cover this.

HotelNotPortofino · 28/04/2023 19:05

DF had live in care, I insured car in name of main carer, and added others as named drivers.

Or insure on one name, and add anyone over 25 with permission is insured to drive.

ohtowinthelottery · 28/04/2023 19:08

As PP suggested, I'd speak to a good old fashioned broker as they'd know what sort of policy you need.
We had it on a Motability vehicle which was DD's (although she couldn't drive - I was the main driver) but Motability put any carer on the insurance.

EducatingArti · 28/04/2023 19:08

We have had to deal with this. Just phone the insurers you already have. There isn't usually a problem with putting carers on. One will have to be named as main driver. Make sure they are covered for business use though as they are actually working. If your current insurers are difficult about it, we've had a really good experience with NFU car insurance.

NotTooOldPaul · 28/04/2023 20:00

I have my car insured for any licenced driver. That means any of my family or friends can drive it legally. It is only third party fire and heft when anyone other than me is driving it.

booface · 28/04/2023 21:15

Thank you all for you very thoughtful replies. That’s so helpful. We are just starting on this journey of care and it means a lot to have some answers.

OP posts:
EggInANest · 28/04/2023 21:52

Good luck talking to the insurance co / a broker OP.

If it’s affordable keeping a car could be a good thing for your parents. The chance to go out to look at the view, take a flask.

I take folding chairs like this for my parents, good and stable with arms that help them stand up again. Many happy hours sitting looking at a view.

Regatta Sedile Directors Chair with Side Table

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WanderleyWagon · 29/04/2023 11:32

I haven't got experience of your exact question but unless your parents live in a very rural area I'd definitely do the maths on what it would cost to keep running the car, including insurance, petrol and all the rest and depreciation, vs. selling the car and using taxis.

MrsWobble3 · 30/04/2023 16:59

We bought a car for MIL’s carers to use and insured it in my name with any driver with permission. SiL organised the carers and she asked for a scan of their driving licence and i then gave permission. I suspect this was over organised but we wanted records in case they were ever needed. And there weren’t that many different carers over the years as we got the same people coming back.

jessicau7 · 19/06/2023 09:21

We had this when my mother was using a wheelchair - she used to be a driver but became increasingly frail and so couldnt drive but still needed to be out and about (plus rural arear so minimal public transport - 3 buses a day type thing and only about 2 taxis availabel locally that could take wheelchairs).

We went through Fish Insurance which was recommended for use - she took out the insurance in her name, as car owner and registereed keeper, but had cover for any driver (over 25 I think with a UK licence I think were the only requirements) that she allowed to drive. This was great as it allowed her to maintain her independence with the carers able to drive her around/ carry out errands for her

Allthegoodnamesarechosen · 19/06/2023 09:24

We have used APlan for several unusual insurances , they have always been very helpful ( and price competitive) They have branches where you can go in and speak to a real person ( faints with astonishment) or you can do it on the phone.

booface · 20/06/2023 17:55

That’s such a good tip. Thanks very much

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booface · 20/06/2023 17:56

Thanks so much for your suggestion. Very helpful

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