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Elderly parents

Best arm chair for elderly housebound parent?

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Longingforthesummer · 24/04/2023 11:26

DM is housebound now and in her 90s, she spends alot of her time in her chaircwatching tv etc. Her arm chair is on blocks so slightly higher and easier for her to push up but it's a struggle.

Anyone got any recommwndations of a comfy armchair specifically for people like DM? Ive seen the fancy electric ones but they are mega bucks unless I can find a 2nd hand one

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Justmuddlingalong · 24/04/2023 11:31

DP got a riser recliner electric one from argos.
It was about £700, much cheaper than the ones from care companies and it works perfectly and looks fine.

Topseyt123 · 24/04/2023 14:23

Riser recliners are definitely well worth the money. My mother has mobility issues caused by osteoporosis, COPD and arthritis. She bought herself a custom built one and it has been a game changer. I think that her only regret has not been the money, but rather that she didn't bite the bullet and go for it months earlier. I realise that we were very fortunate in that money wasn't an issue for her.

They do cost from a few hundred pounds up to three or four thousand pounds and everything in-between. So shop around and go to take her to try some out if that is possible.

If buying one isn't an option I do believe that they can be hired but I am not sure what the costs would be. I know my FIL had one which I believe he hired from a charity many years ago (it went back when no longer needed). So look into that too.

LadyGardenersQuestionTime · 24/04/2023 15:20

Riser recliners sometimes come up on the second hand market. Definitely the thing to go for for her. Or she might qualify for one from the council.

Mum5net · 24/04/2023 15:23

Definitely look on Gumtree or Facebook marketplace. DMil got a second hand Parker Knoll. In the end she only needed it for 3 months so it was ideal it want bought new

thesandwich · 24/04/2023 19:43

Worth contacting district nurse/ get ot referral for air cushions etc to prevent bed sores.

Lindy2 · 24/04/2023 20:25

My dad had a special armchair. It was higher than average and the seat was like a cinema/theatre seat where it was on a spring and flipped into an upright position when not being sat on. It had just enough spring to help the person up into a standing position when they started to rise. No electrics needed at all.

It was a lovely burgundy velvet and very comfortable. I believe it came from a mobility/ home aids supplier.

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