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Elderly parents


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BeatriceLacey · 12/04/2023 22:25

My mum's agreed to me applying for LPA (elderly, late dad sorted out all the finances). Should I apply online but how does getting the signatures work then? Or am I just as well to print out paper copies? Basically is there any advantage to applying online?

OP posts:
bilbodog · 12/04/2023 22:34

I printed out the ones we did as it can be tricky getting everyone to sign and witness and sent by post. Are you doing health and financial - as i would recommend to do both.

be aware that it can take 3-4 months to get them registered with the office of the public guardian.

Cherrybl0ssm · 12/04/2023 22:44

You complete it online.
then sent a link to physically print out the completed forms - which is good because the bits that don’t need a thing are struck out and you get tailored information about what to sign and where.
fyi multiple people need to sign the forms. The donor (that’s your mum) that arrourney (you) witnesses are needed and also the person who talks to your mum about LPA (forget the official term for this) also needs to sign the form. In a strict order - guidance is I closed Then it is posted by you/your mum to the relevant office to be processed.
It’s definitely easier to complete it online, print it from the link they sent. Rather than completing it all by hand yourself.

Borntobeamum · 13/04/2023 07:54

We had a solicitor do everything for us.
mum and dad wanted to update their wills and get POA for my brother and I.

Granted it did cost however it was all done correctly and smoothly.

BeatriceLacey · 13/04/2023 11:34

Thanks everyone

OP posts:
DyslexicPoster · 15/04/2023 07:22

I'm trying to also sort this for my mum so thanks, helpful to know

Effingmagicfairy · 15/04/2023 07:27

We’ve recently done this for both financial and health, we didn’t print anything out, they will send you a pack, DH went through it, got everyone together for signatures and waited. Solicitors charge a lot!

Stratocumulus · 15/04/2023 07:32

I got in touch with the relevant government office office & asked for 3 blank copies of each form plus guidance notes. (Why should I have to use my ink and paper for such page heavy forms?) I wanted extra copies in case I made a mistake as signatures etc have to be done in strict date order.

I filled in one using the guidance notes and involved the required witnesses etc and sent it off with a cheque for the required amount. £84 or thereabouts.

A couple months later I got the paperwork back as being registered.
Job done.
Saved an absolute on legal fees in as much as getting a solicitor to do it. They’ll rip you off.

cptartapp · 15/04/2023 07:39

DH and I did ours online. I seem to recall we were informed by the OPG that we were nominated for each other and had to agree to it.
PIL say theirs is sorted but DH and his sister have never been informed or signed anything, is this likely to mean elderly PIL have nominated each other or a solicitor? They're not ones to ask!

PermanentTemporary · 16/04/2023 15:34

@cptartapp I would say from experience it almost certainly means they haven't done it at all, but yes they may have done either of those things. Which, if they won't tell anyone, is really infuriatingly unhelpful. But it's their choice, because after all it will be you that gets to deal with the shit, not them.

I shouldn't be so bitter, as my mother did a lot of helpful things around her affairs that have made life easier. But she refused to do POA for health, and as a direct result all kinds of crap has come my way. This was completely predictable.

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