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Elderly parents

DF unresponsive, suspected stroke

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LaBelleSauvage123 · 27/03/2023 14:10

Now a few hours later, having dashed back from a weekend away, I’m sitting with him while he packs away steak and kidney pie and veg, steamed pudding and custard!
According to staff at his nursing home, this morning he was completely unresponsive with his face dropping to the right. A few hours later he woke up, his face had returned to normal and he had no other signs of stroke. Could this be a TIA? I think the face droop could be a red herring as his face always drops a bit to the side when he sleeps.

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CMOTDibbler · 28/03/2023 09:58

It could be a TIA, but my mum had repeated episodes over a number of years when she'd be unresponsive for hours and then come round with nothing ever found to cause it. They decided in the end that as usually it was associated in a step change in her dementia that it was almost like her brain needed a reboot because pathways needed to be rebuilt after too much died in an area. No idea whether this was true, but she never came to any harm from them, no treatment was needed, and a decision meant she was just kept at home from there on during one of these episodes


ditalini · 28/03/2023 10:10

This happened to my very elderly relative.

Early morning phone call saying it looked like this was the end (DNR in place, agreement that she should not be taken into hospital again if she fell ill / comfort care only) and we sat by her bedside holding her hand for a couple of hours with her breathing very weak.

Half an hour later she was awake, asking for breakfast and more alert than she had been in a good while.

She lived for another couple of years with no reoccurance of that particular event.


LadyWindermeresOnlyFans · 28/03/2023 10:13

Same happened with my relative @CMOTDibbler
Wishing you and your DF all the very best @LaBelleSauvage123 Flowers


LaBelleSauvage123 · 28/03/2023 12:12

Thank you both - good to know it’s relatively ‘normal’. DFs dementia is progressing fairly rapidly so it could definitely be down to this.

OP posts:

LadyWindermeresOnlyFans · 28/03/2023 14:07

It's a tough road to travel @LaBelleSauvage123 hope you're as okay as you can be x


LaBelleSauvage123 · 28/03/2023 16:40

Thank you - it really is.

OP posts:

parklimes · 28/03/2023 17:28

My mum had the same during the last year. She would be unresponsive. We'd be shouting her name, gently shaking her and she looked like she was in a deep sleep. It could last for hours. When the ambulance crew came the second time they lightly pinched her eyelids, this brought her out of her 'trance'.

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