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Elderly parents

Can you buy big, easily visible diaries/calendars with birthdays written on

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CocktailQueen · 21/08/2013 10:42

anywhere? My MIL is 89 and still lives by herself. She has little concept of dates though and doesn't remember birthdays - for example, dh's bday is tomorrow, I rang to remind MIL, and she had no idea. Can I buy A4 printed sheets anywhere with months printed on them so I can write out birthdays and important dates on them? Or should I just do that myself in Word??? DH sees her every week so could change them when he visits (we are 1.5 hours away). She buys a paper every day but forgets to look at it for the date. Help please!!!

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Chigley1 · 21/08/2013 10:44

You can customise and print out any calendar you like from this site

CocktailQueen · 21/08/2013 10:54

Chigley - that is completely perfect, thank you!! will print out right now. Fabulous! xx

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