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Elderly parents

Getting the doctors to find out what is wrong with my mother

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gotaproblem · 26/07/2013 13:55

I'll be brief.

Not for the first time my mother is feeling nauseous and generally awful, this has been going on for several months and she has has blood tests, chest xrays, been given medicine for constipation but it is all so slow.

This happened once before and she was at death's door before it was discovered that one of her kidneys wasn't working.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the NHS to find out what is wrong, so hopefully something can be done to make her better?

She is 82, my father died just over a year ago, had trouble getting help for him too, but he wasn't so miserable, just got gradually weaker.

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pippop1 · 26/07/2013 23:19

See a different GP in the practice? Write down all the things wrong with her on a piece of paper and give it to the Dr so they can skim read it while you are there? Ask for some different scans (not X ray) that are more accurate?

Go with her to the appointment (with her permission) so you can support what she is saying?

gotaproblem · 27/07/2013 13:37

I do go with her and have seen various doctors, but thanks for the suggestions.

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