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Elderly parents

Help @home for Dm

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Chippychop · 18/07/2013 16:22

Hi, my DM (82) lives some 200 miles away. She has broken her shoulder today and not blessed with the best mobility anyway (RA, copd etc) I'm concerned she'll go downhill massively - she's not the most pragmatic of people and I'm sure she'll get very despondent and further depressed. My Db &ds do live near and work ft but worry they just won't take care of her enough. For my own peace of mind what home help services are around? I do t even know I she can wipe her bum ok! Any help would be appreciated so I can stay ahead of the game.

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NatashaBee · 18/07/2013 16:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JuliaScurr · 18/07/2013 16:34

yes, Natasha they should do that. Also try her GP

these people have been really helpful with my Dad


Chippychop · 18/07/2013 18:21

Thx they've let her come home tonight my dsister is staying over (she's never done that before!) dm has to go back in at 9.30 tomorrow am.

OP posts:
Needmoresleep · 18/07/2013 23:52

Speak to Social Services. There should be a number on the Council website.

They may have a list of care agencies. Advice I got was if there were assets to the extent that costs will be recharged then you may be better arranging it yourself and leaving SS out of the equation.

You should aim for a Social Services assessment which as Natascha siggests is often best set up at the point of discharge from hospital.

Worth thinking about applying for attendance allowance. Not means tested and can be spent on carers.

BrianTheMole · 18/07/2013 23:59

It is better set up from hospital, but they haven't done this. Really they should have done. I am assuming tomorrow she is going for an outpatients appointment. I would call Ssd tomorrow and ask for an emergency assessment of your mothers needs.

twentyten · 21/07/2013 18:03

Good luck-support is out there but takes finding.... Worth the search. Council can help.

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