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Elderly parents

Care of the Elderly - Your Parents NEED YOU to do what's right for them. Help Me make a difference.

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DeeLightful · 22/06/2013 09:20

I am a Nurse looking to move on from Nursing in my capacity as a Nurse but use the knowledge that I have in the Care of the Elderly Sector to become a LIFE Management Consultant to Families who have no option other than to place their family member into care. What I have seen in the past 14 months beggars belief and I made the decision only recently that it was time for me to move on. I want to become a LM Consultant to Families on a Privately Appointed Basis whereby they seek my advice in the selection process of a Home, assessing the Care Package that is offered and Monitoring the Care delivery that is provided thereafter once their Family is transferred into care. Too many elderly folk are being mistreated and given just second best treatment when in fact, if Nurses just had a different attitude towards elderly (vulnerable) residents, their lives could be brighter indeed, until such a time!

Where do I begin though? I need lots of advice please on the New Structure of Fund Management of Families that now have the option to select their own Carers for their parents and as a result of this I could be also involved in this as I could monitor and advocate on their behalf to the the Care Providers in house practices that assign Care Workers through Agencies (who many of them again choose to do as they choose to) and present Reports on the families behalf of what they feel is not been managed appropriately with Professional input. Detailed Assessments could be carried out and monitored as often as they choose by me, an Independent Practitioner.

My parents owned Homes Caring for the Elderly Mentally Infirm, I have for too many years devoted a large part of my employed years to Caring for the Elderly and so when you see how the CQC provide reports that make a Private Nursing Home look as though it has no problems when it evidently does and you see Registered Nurses and Carers abusing the residents and those in Senior Management positions turn a blind eye I had to go through a process, (which I still am in to make a stand for the voiceless) as you lose Trust And when thats gone you have nothing, hence you cannot work for the company anymore, you have no option other than to resign because to stay would leave you at risk of becoming Paranoid, Agitated and no use to your residents or yourself.

You leave as a move of self preservation and decide to do something to MAKE A DIFFERENCE someway, anyway for people that you truly care for.

Every year statistically, our Elderly Vulnerable Resident in the Community and in a Care Setting is increasing and they deserve to be cared for and loved honouring them as deserving human beings. They are not to be denied for a moment as they are equal citizens despite losing their mental capacity a lot of the time, they have equal rights.

Please help me to develop my new role in my community and wherever I am needed to make this change. Where I am led I will go as long as it is practically possible and affordable.

Change can happen with one person.
I need your direction and advice and with prayer I will take one day at a time until I find out where to go from here to make this a reality.

As Parents this is for Your Parents sake.
Thanks in Advance.

"Changing Lives One Day At A Time".

OP posts:
Leverette · 22/06/2013 12:09

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

higgle · 22/06/2013 14:14

I manage a care service for a community charity, and sit on the board of the local care providers association. Whilst there are examples of very bad care practices highlighted in the press there are many committed and dedicated people running excellent services. Most families, even if they live some distance away are involved and work with the care providers who are supporting their elderly relations and in my experience this works very well.
The idea of having a local appointee to support might work in circumstances where the family is abroad or very distant, but they do tend to want to be as fully involved themselves as they can be, and with Skype, internet etc. many manage a lot of contact despite living some distance away.
I fail to see how you could make a living out of this - care is expensive and service users would probably not want to pay a substantial amount on top of their fees for additional support -if you were working with large numbers the time each would take would reduce your efficacy.
I wonder whether a voluntary or paid job with Healthwatch ( there are quite a few advertised at the moment) or with a care providers association doing quality work might be as rewarding and more effective as a career path?

NameThatTuna · 23/06/2013 22:16

I'm sorry to say OP but I cringed as soon as I saw 'Life Management Consultant' and 'Independant Practitioner'.

While I think the sentiment is to be admired, I don't think anyone will want to pay you, privately, for what you are suggesting. Unless they were loaded and lived in another country.

I also agree with the above post re 'prayer'.

eyestightshut · 23/06/2013 22:31

A Life Management Consultant, Independent Practitioner and daughter of the owners of Homes for the Elderly Mentally Infirm you say?
Any conflict of interest there at all??????

LisaMumsnet · 24/06/2013 13:17

Just a note to let you know that we're going to move this thread to our Elderly Parents section as we think it would be better suited there.


ssd · 25/06/2013 22:50

are your parents elderly op?

in plain English what is it you are trying to do and how much will it cost?

WynkenBlynkenandNod · 27/06/2013 09:11

So can I ask, in a case like my Mum where I have done all the research to find her a suitable home (flat in a care home) but she's refusing to go, how would you be able to help? Would you able to help us through the maze of Mental Capacity Assessment and DOLs?

carolthesecretary · 30/06/2013 22:05

Are you South African by any chance?

boysrock · 30/06/2013 22:19

It is a nightmare negotiating the system, people do need someone who has knowledge of the system to help them through it

However(and i assume your uk based) the people who really need your service will not be able tp pay for it. If people are able to pay for such things they can generally pay for whatever care they want. Given how stretched social service budgets are i would be interested to know how you plan to challenge a social service assessment of care? I understand (too well unfortunately) that people do are provided with the bare minimum, but the thorny issue i have seen too many times is not that people have been under assessed for care but that they are unable to pay for it so take less or cancel the care package. I dont know what you would be able to do about this

I guess my concern is that you are proposing charging a fee to already vulnerabl people and im not sure what you are offering the, that cannot be offered by the likes of cab.

i do understand the frustration of how complex the system is and how nothing is ever simple. If you said you were setting up a not for profit organisation i would be very supportive. As it is i am sceptical due to the charging life management aspect.

Numberlock · 14/07/2013 18:22

You'd be better placed offering financial advice as this is the hardest part in my opinion.

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