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Elderly parents

Domiciliary respite care Essex/Herts borders

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CumbrianMum2 · 21/06/2013 12:14

Does anyone have any experience of a good agency in this area? We want to take my mum on holiday in August, just for 12 days, but I don't think she'll go unless we can get live-in care for my dad. He is 80, and has no needs other than the fact that his poor mobility (never recovered properly from total knee replacement last year) means he has to be waited on hand and foot! He's got all his marbles, and I don't want someone who'll treat him like a child, which I know can be the case with some carers - although most are amazing, of course. It's a minefield knowing where to start, as there are so many agencies out there, and we don't live in the area. Anyone any experience/recommendations?

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