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Elderly parents

Advice on care assessments and financial assessments.?.

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welwyn13 · 28/05/2013 18:36

Any help appreciated!!!! My mum is 80 with Lewy body dementia and lives at home with my 90 year old father, who has various limitations due to age. We recently took the very hard step to put mum into care for 2 weeks to give my dad a break. The nursing home have reported to us that they are very surprised/worried about my mum being at home and essentially on her own due to dads condition. We would like her to go into the home we found, but are now faced with what seems a nightmare assessment process of care needs and financial assessments. It sounds awful but I am single mum of 2 young children and live 100 miles away- are there any agencies/support the can guide and lead us through this process to ensure we get the quickest and most advantageous outcome?? This is obviously a very emotional time, and the guilt is killing me- not sure how to get through

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WynkenBlynkenandNod · 29/05/2013 09:19

Welwyn I have mentioned them on the other thread but thought I'd put it here as well. The Alzheimer's Society branch local to me we're very helpful when I rang. We didn't discuss assessment etc but I'm sure they will know these things.

Mum had a financial assessment for her care package. I was dreading it but the guy was really nice and even looked into whether she'd be eligible for pension credits off his own back. Mum has had 2 SWs now and we have found them both very sympathetic to our situation. They get a bad press but there are some good ones who are doing their best in difficult situations. I have made it very clear from the start what I am able to do and not do and at one point made it very clear my health was suffering. I also have made sure certain things have gone into writing that I felt were important so emailed. Good luck, I hope it goes well an hopefully someone who knows the system can come along to advise you properly.

CMOTDibbler · 29/05/2013 14:01

Is there a carers centre near your parents? I haven't involved one yet, but my aunt tells me the centre was amazing when she was arranging residential care for my cousin (has profound learning disabilities and moved to a group home at 37) in acting as advocates and a wealth of information.

Have you thought about the long term situation for your dad? Would it maybe work for them to move close to you, perhaps so your mum could be in the dementia unit of somewhere with an assisted living for your dad?

Numberlock · 20/06/2013 17:22

Hi welwyn I am going through this at the moment with my mum so I feel your pain! Like you, I live about an hour and a half away from the home where she is at present so am bringing her near to me. (She has just been diagnosed with dementia so it seems a good time to move her as the current care home do not offer dementia care.)

Your first port of call is your GP and Social Services. The medical team will arrange the nursing assessment and your mum will be assigned a social worker who will manage her case. This will set the wheels in motion for the financial assessment.

In the meantime, you could be gathering information that you will need, including proof of savings and income, how much the care home fees are etc.

Be prepared for lots of phone calls, pushing to get things done etc.

If there's anything else I can do, please feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to support you as I'm slightly ahead in the process.

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