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Elderly parents

Help for my Mum

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Roseformeplease · 26/02/2013 17:35

My Mum lives on a basic state pension in a flat left to her by her Dad. It is old and draughty and expensive to heat. She only has the basic state pension, plus credit. However, she is now permanently on crutches (arthritic joints and osteoporosis) And getting worse. She lives a long way away from any of us (and will not move). Does anyone know if, given she has no savings or anything and is in desperate need of help in the house, and virtually immobile, she is entitled to any support and, if so, what / who to approach about it. Thanks so much. She is also an alcoholic but under control at the moment (due to poverty mainly) so able to manage her own affairs. I send her shopping and pay the odd bill when I can and one sister is about 50 miles away but she needs regular support and some more money to allow her to get to the shops by taxi or get a scooter or something. Do the elderly qualify for any disabled benefits or are these just for children and working age adults? Sorry, I have tried to look it up but it is bewildering.

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whataboutbob · 26/02/2013 21:11

She might qualify for Attendance Allowance (2 bands, lowest is £55 per week). If she can't care for herself, or only partially a referral to social services and a proper assessment will identify areas where she should be entitled to help. Eg carer in 3 times a week to help with washing. If she has no savings then I think the ss would fund it. In my Dad's area the SS took a referral from me. Maybe that would be the case where your mum lives. Otherwise go through her gp. However if they find she's basically self caring they probably won't fund anything.
Attendance allowance is different, it's not through SS you fill a form in, the GP has to fill in their bit then you send it off. I believe if the gp is sympathetic and makes a good case it's more likely to go through.

twentyten · 26/02/2013 21:49

Would it be worth contacting age uk . They can offer financial advice etc. good luck ,

Roseformeplease · 27/02/2013 20:19

Thanks so much. She can care for herself, it is really just mobility and we hoped there might be help with that.

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