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Elderly parents

dm may be having visual hallucinations of faeces covered sheets

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thewhistler · 25/01/2013 20:40

Which does not fit the normal CB syndrome.

She does have macular degeneration.

Does this sound possible?

She lives in her own home by herself and we can't prove anything.

OP posts:
fridayfreedom · 26/01/2013 23:01

May be down to her eyesight, as you say not usual CB . Has she been checked for any infection, constipation etc?

thewhistler · 27/01/2013 15:43

Thanks, no. She took herself into hospital last week because she thought she wad going to fall with dizziness, but they've done the normal blood tests and they are ok, iyswim.

She has high, very high, blood pressure, heart problems and epilepsy so is on a number of drugs.

OP posts:
gingeroots · 28/01/2013 11:29

Mmm .... couldn't be something physical/mechanical going on with her eyes could it ?

My friend had this

and she said it was like looking through a dark brown net .

Just thinking that if you look at something white with this ( + mac degen ) maybe it would give that effect ???

Could she have her eyes looked at ?

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