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Elderly parents

Dad refusing to pay his income tax

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whataboutbob · 14/01/2013 13:48

My Dad has Alzheimers and I have POA and have been helping him with various tasks, for about 2 years now. I did his tax returns last week, when he rang yesterday I gently reminded him and said we'd need to go to the PO on my next visit this week, so he can pay. He was furious, started shouting saying he didn't believe me, wouldn't pay, it was too much etc. Then he said he'd go to his church and discuss it with someone. This someone has in the past told Dad he'd do his tax returns for him , then done precisely nothing. I was upset that after putting in all the work of gathering the info, inputting it into HMRCs website etc, he went off on one.
I am in the process of getting the power to write cheques from his bank account (his bank is being pretty slow). I guess I should just go in above his head and pay without telling him as soon as I get the ability. Save myself a lot of aggro.
But it's sad, I've always tried to involve him and let him know what I'm doing. It's moving onto the next step of having a parent with dementia, which I'd been dreading.

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Brightonite · 14/01/2013 14:35

Poor you . I have been here and things can move pretty quickly :( Can you hurry the bank up to save your Father the stress of being involved? It may be worth calling HMRC to keep them updated about the situation.

Theas18 · 19/01/2013 11:07

Agree update hmrc and push the bank. This is very difficult legally I would suspect, as you, with poA are acting against his express wishes but he now has no insight into his legal responsibilities .
Might just be worth contacting azheimersUK and see if they have any free legal advice. I'm just a bit worried that you may have a battle if this odd "mate" tries to stir things up.

mollymole · 19/01/2013 11:09

Agree with those saying inform HMRC and chase the banks. Another thought, do you have the money to pay the bill for your Father and then as son as the bank comes through with letting you sign cheques then pay yourself back.

whataboutbob · 24/01/2013 21:52

thanks all I have pushed the bank and discovered that i don't need to go to his branch, my local branch can also help. I am loathe to pay the bill myself as have been paying for stuff occasionally over the last 2 years and it's all adding up. Even if I can pay myself the money back eventually out of his account, I don't want to give the bank the slightest grounds for suspicion that I am taking money out of the account for myself. Looks like I'll soon have ability to pay from his account (touch wood) then I'll appeal to HMRC against their fine.

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