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Elderly parents

Update- remember the " long night of the talking watch"...

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Theas18 · 13/01/2013 21:10

Well last week when I arrived to take them to lunch then the hospital the first thing dad did was collar me to show me this amazing Xmas pressie he had............" see if I press this button it tells the time, and this is the date"!

Very happy he remembered to wear it and what it did. Bit Hmm that SE forgotten I gave it to him but still !

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tallulahturtle · 06/03/2013 00:48

Oh dear , but funny in a way . Had me in stitches the "long night of the talking watch" . Currently experiencing a long night of husband who has got rid of his regular snore, and is doing a hybrid snore/hiss combo . About to do the dance of finding the ear plugs.

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