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Elderly parents

WWYD - elderly grandfather in hospital

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worriedsicknow · 26/12/2012 20:32

My grandfather fell twice yesterday but was conscious and not bruised or cut. He is 88 and has recently developed dementia.

He ate 4 courses yesterday so we thought he was totally fine. He got into clean pyjamas with a cup of tea last night and was totally fine.

Call from the police at 5.15am today to say he is in an Ambulance.

Due to go on holiday tomorrow for 2 weeks.

He has 4 kids.

He is having brain scan tomorrow.

Am totally in 2 minds. He might live for 2 days. He might live for 2 years.

Wwyd? X

OP posts:
Sam100 · 26/12/2012 20:52

I would go on holiday. If I could feasibly do it I would also go to the hospital before I left and give him a big hug before I went, tell him how much he was loved and tell him to get well and see him soon.

chatnickname2013 · 26/12/2012 20:54

I would go on holiday, my grandfather went though a "could go any day" phase before he died, it went on for 2 years, DH's nan also was touch and go for about 5 years. but would go to hospital first, call and explain and ask to go in out of visiting hours

Sharpkat · 26/12/2012 23:30

Said goodbye to him today and that I would see him when back. He is 250 miles away. Think I will go and see what happens. Thanks for supporting my decision.

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