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Elderly parents

We are having such " fun" this week.... Snigger with me, it helps!

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Theas18 · 17/12/2012 11:53

Mum and dad are here till THursday... He's dementing ,mostly blind, quite deaf and has a cantankerous streak. She's just old crumbly, not coping and doesn't really sort of handle him well at times- I guess she's too close (eg in the car after the 3rd "where are we going" I go for "don't worry, it'll be a surprise and we will know when we get there" she goes for " we are at place X heading to Y to visit Z " and he still has no idea, but she gets annoyed at constantly saying it!).

On Friday I had a call at work (Iam 60 miles away) "hello this is the wafarin clinic we can't find your mother".........Xmas Hmm Not sure what I was mean to do with that info- anyway they did in the end....

Saturday DH collected them. Gave Dad his birthday present- he wanted a " radio controlled watch" so got the RINB one that is very clear and speaks the time and date really well. He was happy Grin

This was followed by the " long night of the talking watch" where he pressed the button approximately every 45 mins and Mum didn't sleep a wink !!!!

Sunday evening after a quite doze in front of the TV Dad got up and went to bed- all good.... then 10 mins later Mum demonstrated her funky moves in the " Dancing on your fathers glasses" competition , as he'd clearly taken them off and dropped them infront of the sofa!! (they survived!)

THis was followed by a swift game of "hunt the pills in an ill lit spare room".....
Mum put his pills on a leaflet in the bed and said " your pills are there" and the totally unbelievably unpredictable event not of him picking it up and saying " what here" occurred ......

We now know why I have a dayglo yellow egg cup stashed in the kitchen from a cracker or something.... It's dads pill pot now!

Bets on the next entertaining even in our house? Will it be "father in law finds end of tether, unties it and runs for the hills" as they are taking my parents to lunch it could be....

Good day to be stuck at work!

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pippop1 · 17/12/2012 13:18

Deep breaths Theas18. Deep breaths.........

BluelightsAndSirens · 17/12/2012 13:24

Aw bless, so entertaining from this end of my sofa.

Please do keep us updated, it will be cathartic for you.

funnyperson · 17/12/2012 20:56

haha. loved the yellow egg cup.Xmas Smile

Today we had 'shall I get up from my cot and go over there?' pointing to next door patient in bright orange pyjamas. 'No dear thats just the wall' says mum sweetly.
The wall, who has had a stroke and is dysphasic, looks surprised. Xmas Shock

Theas18 · 18/12/2012 09:05

Aw funnyperson... poor wall!

Monday was Ok really. In laws survived. THe only event of note was mum packing a pretty empty gift bag in the bag of things they had to take home, then remembering later that the present ( a selection of cheese ) was in the fridge.... so they had that in their hands as they went out of the door!!

Tues... hmm! Here we go. I'm at work again

OP posts:
Imaginethat · 18/12/2012 09:13

aw bless

I find that old people and v you g people ie my parents and my children require roughly the same levels of care and patience (usually more than I can manage). They take forever to get ready to go out, ask questions and don't listen to the answers, complain in the car and never like whatever it is you've made for dinner.

GoldQuintessenceAndMyhrr · 18/12/2012 09:14

And Breathe.....

Been there, and you should cherish and take comfort in your excellent sense of humour.

It can serve you well when one of them tells you that there are strangers having sex in the spare bedroom. And that they wish somebody had told them that the house had moved to a different location with a new view. And when are we returning from holiday, I want to go home. That wont go down so well as long as they are visiting you, but can be quite unnerving when they call and tell you this when they are actually at home.

Merry Christmas!

OodKingWenceslas · 18/12/2012 09:32

My Grandad has a speaking clock, he usedit continuously all night when he lived with my parents. Then slept all day. Drove my mum mad.

ChristmasInTheSnowsBest · 18/12/2012 09:45

thanks for making me giggle Xmas Grin
my mum spent half an hour driving yep she's still on the roads around the houses to loose the car that was following her last night. He then turned his blue lights on and pulled her over as she was acting suspiciously or seemed lost. He got a right earbashing for scaring her Xmas Grin

CMOTDibbler · 20/12/2012 18:15

You have to laugh, otherwise you'd cry...

My mum phoned yesterday to ask what ds's middle name is - fair enough, even though its the same as my brothers name, dads middle name, grandads name etc. Then she wanted to know my middle name . Dad reports she had asked everyones names on a 10 minute loop all day.

Theas18 · 20/12/2012 23:28

Gosh dibbler that sounds hard have a ()

Well they are home-reasonably without further excitement...

Well the in laws went home with a nice pretty but empty gift bag in the bag of presents for their aside of the family-and 3 cheeses in their hands as mum only remembered last minute that the cheeses for their gift were in the fridge (who wraps chews for a present anyway? I can see it's a nice gift but you can't really wrap it?

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