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Elderly parents

Presents for those with dementia

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CMOTDibbler · 01/12/2012 16:20

Has anyone seen any simple jigsaws (100 pieces or less) in designs attractive to the elderly ?

My mum has always loved doing jigsaws, but now they infuriate her as she can't do complex or large ones, but it seems hard to find ones she could do that aren't childish iyswim.

If anyone is looking for ideas, she is also getting a slanket and a photobook of family pictures. My very frail father is getting super mega wide slipper bootees and an Andre Rieu DVD which he loves.

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MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavour · 01/12/2012 16:24

How about one of the jigsaws that you can personalise with your own photos? I'm sure I've seem them available in easier pieces for children but they wouldn't be childlike iyswim

You have chosen some fantastic presents cmot, they are so thoughtful. I have worked a lot with people with dementia and presents like that are just perfect

FlappingToad · 01/12/2012 16:28

My dad loved the bird feeders which he received one Christmas. He loved watching the birds outside when he became too frail to go out but he always remembered to keep breadcrumbs and crusts for the little birds.

PixieHot · 01/12/2012 16:29

I think the Boots personalised photo jigsaws are 100 pieces actually.

PixieHot · 01/12/2012 16:31

Sorry, I meant PhotoBox Smile.

CMOTDibbler · 01/12/2012 16:36

I just didn't think of doing a personalised jigsaw, I'll just have to try and take a nice picture with enough colour variation, thank you !!!

Flapping - they have a number of bird feeders already, so I've done those a couple of times. Mum gets a lot of pleasure out of the wind chimes that are outside too.

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