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Elderly parents

house phones?

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advisemewisely · 29/09/2012 21:06

nan needs a new house phone, easy to use, large numbers, decent display and good volume. anyone have any they can suggest? thanks.

OP posts:
Knowsabitabouteducation · 30/09/2012 13:29

Go to department store or somewhere like PC World. They have large button phones.

gingeroots · 02/10/2012 18:04

I got this
on line from RNIB .
It has speakerphone facility ,one button 1571 ,adjustable volume control and 3 quick dial buttons that you can programme with numbers .
RNIB dont charge VAT .

notcitrus · 02/10/2012 18:36

Look up Connevans - company selling everything for people with hearing loss, and they are lovely. Lots of detail about the phones. I find corded are more reliable than cordless and have better volume and can plug in an amplifier, and of course work in a power cut.

upanddown83 · 29/10/2012 20:25

Argos sell the BT Big Button phone £24.99 and it has speaker and volume adjustment best buy ever for my Gran

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