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Has anyone ever considered using a hidden camera device in a care home?

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cartblanche · 29/08/2012 18:07

I have glimpsed yet another story (DM) where someone filmed their elderly relative in a care home, using a hidden camera. I didn't read the details (I actually couldn't bring myself to read them) so don't know whether the filmed evidence was deemed admissable or not. The headline certainly intimated that it helped to prove abuse and someone was prosecuted and jailed as a result.

I just wanted to gauge whether anyone on this board has ever considered using such a device or would even consider doing so. I really don't know what to think Sad

OP posts:
3littlefrogs · 29/08/2012 18:11

I am considering something similar, but not in a care home.

I would be interested to hear how good these concealed cameras actually are.

cartblanche · 29/08/2012 23:57


OP posts:
Parly · 09/11/2012 06:29

There are rakes of horror stories and campaign groups petitioning for CCTV to be installed in care homes but I have to say that despite being a fierce advocate for improved safeguarding measures and overall standards of care, I wouldn?t advise anyone to install one.

I have dealt with a safeguarding investigation where someone?s relative installed a hidden camera later found by care staff. It wasn?t certain who was viewing the footage, why, when or where from so to make sure it wasn?t going out in real time to God knows how many people, the camera was taken out and social services safeguarding team notified. It goes against every rule in the book of privacy, dignity and safeguarding which is why the idea and campaigns for CCTV to be installed hasn?t take off and won?t take off any time soon.

Should it be found by staff at the home, you could be seen as having acted in a way that wasn?t in the best interests of your loved one because it invaded privacy, didn?t allow others to monitor your use and / or make sure you weren?t viewing the footage for more sinister reasons and could well lead to a big question mark hanging over you in general.

I have absolutely nothing to hide and nothing to fear but the issues I have aren?t about me, they?re about the elderly and vulnerable people who will also feature but without their knowledge or consent. The idea of filming and observing residents as they?re assisted to wash, dress, eat, use a toilet or watch as doctors and nurses carry out very personal / intimate examinations, is a disturbing one to say the least.

If anyone does have serious concerns about what?s going on behind closed doors and wants a camera placing in the room just to monitor what they suspect might be happening, speak to the homes? manager. It is possible to arrange this but under certain strict conditions about what is viewed, when and by whom.

I know because I?ve arranged for it myself (member of staff stealing items from one particular bedroom) but only I and another staff member could see the footage and did not allow family to see their relative undressed or otherwise in an undignified state.

Top and bottom is to avoid reading crap printed by the Daily Mail and highlight any issues, worries or concerns you have about a relative?s care with the manager of the home.

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